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The art center has two entrances, one from Gammel Strand 48 and one from Læderstræde 15 - through the courtyard. The exhibition halls are accessible via the elevator or stairs connecting all three floors. There is access for wheelchairs and prams from Læderstræde 15 through the courtyard, where you can access all the floors of the art center by elevator.

Performance event

Join us for the perfomance event "Through art we co-exist"



kl. 16:00 - 20:00

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Performance event

“Through art we co-exist” is a performance event and talk curated by performer, lecturer, writer and activist Moeisha Aden and art historian Xenia Pallesen in conjunction with the exhibition ZANELE MUHOLI.

Join us for a performative reflection and discussion of the racialized body, the gaze on it, and gendered manifestations as well as its limitations.

Participants: Moeisha Arden, Abdul Dube, Linda Lamignan, Oxum Collective.

This event will primarily be in english
No admission fee for the event. Sold out
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About the artists

Linda Lamignan is a visual and performance artist whose work tells stories about the experience of floating in between different worlds. Through video, music, objects and performance, Lamignan explores notions relating to wandering and diaspora, transformation and love. With an animistic approach, they work with materials connected to the industries in West Africa and Scandinavia, and by connecting the history of those materials/commodities to bodies with similar experiences, Lamignan seeks out to envision new alternative states. Lamignan will perform at the event together with Noella Birisawa, Raven Storm og Deodato Siquir. Lamignan received their MFA degree at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and their BFA degree at the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo.

Abdul Dube is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, curator and workshop facilitator based in Aarhus, Denmark. His work concerns questions of multicultural belonging, racism and resistance, intersectional solidarity, heritage, sustainability, Black imagination and activism. Abdul’s heritage related work includes facilitating an antiblack racism in our public archives workshop with Black Archives Sweden; teaching, writing and creating Zines for the Horizon-2020 funded project European Colonial Heritage Modalities in Entangled Cities; and Creative Liaison to the Aarhus Museum Education Department.

Oxum Collective is an international multimedia art platform for research and production taking the medium(s) of performance art in the historical, ancient contexts of ceremonial uses of the performative, yet also post-modern expressions such as butoh, fluxus and post-internet aesthetics. It is led by queer and trans* (-gender / non-binary / gender non-conforming) black, brown and indigenous people from the global south but also diaspora based in Denmark.
Oxum Collective presents Orkestra Kalunga. The collective presents a new collaboration between multimedia performance artists Jupiter Child,Tetta Marie Carangi and Sall Lam Toro. Orkestra Kalunga presents a black queer series of live performative avant-garde orkestra evoking presence and communion of African Orixás and ancestrality, bridging the physical and the metaphysical world(s) through the sensuous embodiment of sound. The work functions as a poetic authentication symphony responding to Zanele Muholi’s work; exploring themes of underground resistance, longings of liberation and the dismantling of the colonial-patriarchal-heterenormative matrix by proposing afrofuturist community care practices and sensuous liberation.

Moeisha Arden is a performer, speaker, writer and activist.

Xenia Brown Pallesen is PhD student at the University of Copenhagen. Her research concerns participatory dissemination practices and art historical etnographic research methodology. A main focus of hers is creating new formats for sharing and discussing interpretations of art based on personal associations between audiences.